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About Plant and Food Medicine

Plant and Food Medicine was founded in 2009 by Amy Musau as an educational, service and product resource for all things related to the support of a naturally healthy life. Plant and Food Medicine seeks to merge therapies, herbal medicines, medicinal foods, healthy attitudes and lifestyles across cultures, beliefs and specific personal needs: in other words, everything that makes us unique.

With open minds and hearts, we at Plant and Food Medicine are committed to ongoing learning, so we can provide the best and most natural support to maintain your health or to return you to health.


Amy is a natural therapist with over 10 years’ practice experience. She is qualified in Herbal Medicine, Traditional Tibetan Medicine (Sowa Rigpa), and Nutrition (her passion). She is currently continuing her studies in Quantum Medicine.

Her approach to health is largely focused on providing customized education to  optimized health for long term benefits. These acquired healthy lifestyles usually have rippling effects to friends and family.


Health and wellness are the right of every person. As our name suggests, we believe that nature provides us with everything we need to enjoy full, healthy lives.

A healthy lifestyle, with a diet that suits your unique body requirements, is the simplest and most important form of preventative medicine. 

Our natural therapy principles also embrace the principles of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, which treats every person as unique, and uniquely valuable.

When your body, mind and spirit are in balance, you are more likely to be in a state of health. This is the key teaching of Traditional Tibetan Medicine.

It teaches that the health of the body is governed by three “tantras”, with a fourth tantra being for the mind. When these systems, or any aspect of any one system, are unbalanced, a person either becomes ill, or their health is compromised in some way.

An important principle of Traditional Tibetan Medicine is that a deep connection with nature helps to balance our lives on every level: physical, mental/emotional, energetic and spiritual. Buddhist philosophy teaches the interrelated nature of existence. When  we live by these principles, we are better able to create inner and outer harmony. This is a powerful contributor to good health.

We use this complete system to treat you as a “whole person”, so every part of your life can contribute to good health.

Health begins in
your shopping trolley

Amy’s methods of treatment are very personal, and there’s a very good reason for that! It’s common knowledge that each one of us is unique: from our looks to our background, our genetics and our environment. So, it’s also logical that we are unique in our combination of likes and dislikes, the way our bodies react to various foods, what makes us ill, and the treatment that will best suit us.

With her in-depth understanding of the power and beauty of ancient forms of medicine such as Sowa Rigpa, along with her extensive study, research and travel, Amy is particularly excited about the way traditional medicines offer a simple and balanced approach to health that remains relevant to our modern lives.

Natural Medicine recognises every person as unique and uniquely valuable

Plant and Food Medicine

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