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Natural Therapy – Plant and Food Medicine

Natural Therapies

It’s easier to stay healthy, than to get sick and recover!

Nature provides us with everything we need to enjoy full, healthy lives.

A healthy lifestyle is the simplest and most important form of preventative medicine.

We use plants and food as the primary source of medicine, always tailored to your individual needs. Our natural therapies are based on the principles of Traditional Tibetan Medicine.


The right plants and foods for your body, life stage or disorder are the primary source of ‘medicine’.

Herbs and Spices as Medicine

Herbs and supplements should be tailored to your specific needs and should be as close as possible to their original state.

External Therapies

External Therapies such as Moxibustion, Acupuncture, Message, Herbal Bath Therapy, Hot and Cold Compresses to treat a range of conditions.

Traditional Tibetan Medicine

Offers a rich range of therapies tested and proven over thousands of years. It uses nutrition, medicines, massage, moxa and other unique external therapies as well as lifestyle principles for overall health.

Plant and Food Medicine

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Contact Us to learn more about how to make every part of your life work for your health and vitality.

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